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We love when people ask us about our product. Here are a few commonly asked questions, let us know if there are any other questions you have that aren’t addressed below.

  • How often do your flavors change?

    As soon as we run out of seasonal flavors, we place an order for new flavors. Our ice cream is made in Brandon, South Dakota by Family Treats Homemade Ice Cream. They change flavors as seasons change and inspiration hits them – it comes from anywhere and everywhere! They love to try new things and experiment. Sometimes we know what we are getting and sometimes it’s a complete surprise.

  • Where is your ice cream made?
  • What’s that enticing aroma I Smell?
  • What does your Ice Cream taste like?
  • Where does your milk come from?
  • Do you Ship?
  • Is your shop open year round?
  • Are you hiring?
  • Do you do events and Catering?
  • Do you want to join out team?